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The kitchen is the number one place in the house where you don’t want any pests at all. Any homeowner would like a kitchen that’s clean and safe for preparing and enjoying meals. Pests mean problems and any infestation can contaminate your food, and leave droppings behind in drawers and pantries causing health problems for everyone in the family. Fortunately, Adelaide pest controllers at Southern Suburbs Pest Control have some handy tips for preventing pests in the kitchen. Read on:

1. Regular, Timely Cleaning: Immediately after you are done cooking it is recommended to make a habit of cleaning up to prevent pests from making their way into your kitchen. Dirty dishes, food scraps, crumbs and leftover food can be an invitation to pests so keep your kitchen clean to enjoy a pest-free home.

2. Get Rid Of Cardboard: Throw away any plastic, paper, or cardboard boxes as pests like insects and rodents can easily chew through these materials.

3. Use The Fridge & Freezer For Storing Food: Keep more food in the refrigerator or freezer as pests such as rodents cannot make their way into these appliances.

4. Check Your Plumbing: It is recommended to check for any holes in the floor under the sink as it can be an entrance for a variety of pests. Keep pests at bay by sealing them with foam or caulk.

5. Seal Entryways: We make it a point to mention this tip to all our clients as it makes a huge difference. It is to use glue or caulking to seal any cracks around the home and to eliminate any entryways for insects such as ants.

6. Be Vigilant: As rodents and cockroaches don’t need much space to squeeze their way inside your house, look behind appliances and furniture for any possible entryways and seal immediately if any.

7. Clean And Sanitise: Kitchen is one of the most used areas in a house and needs to be cleaned more often than in other parts of the home. It is recommended to be mindful of thoroughly cleaning, wiping down and sanitising the counter after each and every use.

8. Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes: Put away dirty dishes in the dishwasher or leave them rinsed in the sink. Do not leave dirty plates around the kitchen – the less residue the better.

9. Take The Trash Out: Letting your kitchen waste sit around for too long invites pests so make it a point to take it out as it’s needed.

10. Keep Your Cabinets Clean: Most pests can hide in cabinets, behind kitchen appliances, utensils or stored food items. It is important to keep your cabinets clean and tidy to keep pest problems at bay. 

11. Get Help Of Pest Control Adelaide Service: The foolproof way to keep your home pest-free is to hire a local pest control service. The pest experts will come to your house and eliminate both bugs and rodents. Pest control professionals use sprays and traps that won’t harm you or your family and can make a plan to suit your pest problems. This personalised plan will deal with your pest problems permanently.

Get The Best Pest Control Adelaide Service For Keeping Your Kitchen Pest Free

Southern Suburbs Pest Control cares about you and your safety. As a 100% family-owned and local Adelaide pest control business we are dedicated to safe, effective pest control for your home and business. When you hire our services you get the best and safe pest control management solutions possible. We are compliant with all the regulations and honest with you regarding the application of eco-friendly and safe chemicals and how we use them. We look forward to answering your pest-related queries and concerns. Contact our team today and benefit from our decade-long industry experience.

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