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If you think that you are the only resident in your home, you might be surprised to learn about your other (creepy crawler) housemates. Black ants can come from nowhere and quickly become a permanent resident in your home. Why? Because you can unknowingly provide them with food, warmth, and water.

The peaceful coexistence can continue forever, but these creatures have the tendency of increasing their colonies, which can cause damage to the structure of your home. If you find yourself in this situation, you can call black ant specialists Adelaide to control the spread and minimize the nuisance.

Locate the nests first

When you call one of our technicians to perform black ant control, it begins with identifying the nest/s. It is the first step for the control of black ants. It can occur inside the building as well as in the surrounding environment.

By providing a detailed inspection, we will find exactly where these crawling creatures are coming from.

How do ants create a nuisance for you?

Though ants are not considered responsible for spreading diseases, they can cause a lot of nuisance and destruction. We all know the dread of finding a line of ants marching through the cupboard in search of food.

They have a strong sense of smell and can find food, even if you store it under a lock and key. They follow trails and join together around the food.

They cut the food into tiny pieces and take them back to their colony. It doesn’t take long before there is nothing left in the container.

Ants can also cause damage to the structure of the house. They create burrows and hollow spaces in the walls and foundation.

Ways to control ants

  • Minimize food sources for black ants. Close all containers tightly, using good quality containers & bottles that leave no space for ants to enter once sealed.
  • Call our professional pest control technicians today to arrange a quote.

For the purpose of your home’s longevity against ants, it’s important to call us to control pests. It’s also important to remember that the ants do not disappear in the first shot & can sometimes take several treatments.

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