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Exterra Monitoring & Baiting System

Exterra Monitoring & Baiting systems are a superior method of treating and preventing termites. The Exterra system is an alternate method to using chemicals. This system continually protects your property from the invasion of termites.

Exterra stations are placed around your property to intercept termites and are checked on a regular basis.

Exterra utilises closed & locks stations with a termite bait that is less toxic than table salt, even whilst eliminating the entire termite colony. This being safer for the environment but more importantly for you, your family & pets.

Even if termites have unfortunately made there way into your home, Exterra Above Ground stations can be installed to areas of concern for direct feeding, being one step closer to colony elimination.

Our technicians have completed an in-depth training program to become accredited at installing Exterra systems – so much so we were awarded ‘Premium Exterra Operator for the Year 2016 in SA’, so you will be in good hands!

Contact us today to organise a free quote to have your home protected & ensure peace of mind.

Photos of Exterra systems here.

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