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Southern Suburbs Pest Control can carry out a high performance termiticide chemical liquid barrier treatment to your home offering different forms of long-term residuals. Our highly skilled technicians will offer the best residual for your home.

Ingredients give long-lasting protection and are an odourless water-based termiticide as well as having superior soil penetration ensuring for a longer lasting treatment.

Residuals offered are low irritant and low allergenic, water-based solution that protects against termites. These have been formulated & developed with upmost care to kill & deter termites, but do not affect humans or pets.

These liquid barrier treatments absorb tightly to soil meaning it remains exactly where we treat.

All liquid chemical barrier treatments need to be maintained by performing a minimum of a twelve-month Visual Termite Inspection until the expiry of the product’s lifespan, in some cases more frequent Visual Termite Inspections are required. Our technicians will advise you on the termite management plan offered.

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