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Rodent control is very important, if the infestation is not controlled at the initial stage, then it could create havoc. Rodents are nasty creatures that have the incredible breeding capacity and destructive nature. Not only do they damage the property, but they can spread many serious diseases as well.

To avoid the risk, it is essential to dial our company for rodent pest control in Adelaide and reduce these intruders.

Why are rodents called pests?

Rodents are called pests because they cause damage to the property.

They chew through plastic, cardboard, wood, walls, and floor joists. When they chew food items, there is a risk of contamination and dangerous diseases. Rodents also cause fire hazards by chewing electrical wires and cables. When they chew through insulation boards of the home, the air-conditioning can be hampered.

Structural risks are also prevalent when rodents make burrows in the foundation and walls.

Southern Suburbs Pest Control is the single-point solution for all your pest control needs. Pick up your phone and dial our contact number. We are experts in rodent removal, and a whole array of other pest control services. We do our upmost to provide the best service in Adelaide.

Rodents are incredibly fast breeders

Studies suggest that a pair of rats are capable of multiplying into 1250+ rats in just one year! Yes, you heard it right… just in one year. Now you can understand the severity of the problem.

How to control rodent activities in your house

  • Reduce all potential sources of food and water to the minimum.
  • Close every opening that allows rodents to enter the premises.
  • Keep trees overhanging to property cut back and seal any entry points.

If you are unable to control the infestation of rodents, then it is high time you call an expert to handle the situation. Southern Suburbs Pest Control works to protect your home and family by using its extensive knowledge and expertise of reducing rodents.

The experts come to your premises and make sure that the rodents are dealt with fast. The team has been professionally trained, and will provide results beyond your expectation.

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