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Southern Suburbs Pest Control is the trusted pest control provider in Adelaide. Our aim is to provide high standard professional pest eradication, pest control West Lakes and pest management services for both residential and commercial properties. We are highly experienced and have the expertise in eliminating termites, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, possums, wasps, or any other pest that is troubling you. We offer cost effective services and long-lasting solutions for all Adelaide pest control needs. Our effective treatment, and tailor-made pest management programs are ideal for domestic and commercial buildings and properties and we also offer West Lakes pre-purchase inspections for home and property buyers. Give us a call on 08 8386 1507 to discuss your needs and get helpful advice and a no-obligation quote.

Why Hire Pest Control Services West Lakes?

Count on us for complete eradication and control of pests on your property.

  • Southern Suburbs Pest Control West Lakes technicians provide you with premium and professional pest control services without breaking your bank.
  • We value and care about our customers and this philosophy is reflected in our customer service, from start to finish.
  • With immense industry knowledge spanning over a decade, we pride ourselves in offering friendly, personalised professional service for all pest control and pest management needs.
  • Our technicians are qualified, experienced, and licensed to provide you with the best pest eradication services West Lakes.
  • We follow all Australian Standards to safeguard your home, family, and business.
  • From eco-friendly chemicals to toxic-free treatments, we use the best methods to help get rid of pests from your property and will always care for the wellbeing and safety of children, pets, and your family members.  
  • Our effective, non-toxic West Lakes pest removal services are designed, keeping in mind the safety of your family and the environment and we use pet-friendly pest removal products with no risky smells or chemicals. 
  • You can always count on getting the advanced pest control services and long lasting respite from pesky pests anywhere on your property. 
  • We have worked with numerous happy clients across residential and commercial areas and can do the same for you. Our pest control West lakes team will be more than happy to walk you through the treatment plan to ensure we work within your expectations.

Why Is Pest Control Essential?

Nobody likes pesky pests on their property. Pest control is necessary because most pests such as rodents and insects carry diseases, infest your kitchens and bedrooms, while some cause allergies, and some pests are more harmful as they can even bite you or your pets causing discomfort and stress. The main objective of removing any kind of pest from your property is to keep you comfortable, safe and healthy – and away from pests.

  • Preventing Damage: Termites can cause great damage by feeding on wood and woody materials all over your house including your house structure. Termite can even consume carpets, flooring, walls, wires, documents and much more. Therefore it is a necessity to treat termites ASAP.
  • Prevention of Allergy: Pests can be the main cause for health problems such as skin allergies, asthma, and other respiratory difficulties. Stay healthy by getting rid of pests from your property.
  • Prevent Health Problems: Skin infections, intestinal infections, dysentery, dengue fever, malaria, and food poisoning are just a few of the diseases that pests can spread. Pests can also easily spread bacteria and viruses that are dangerous to humans. Nobody wants these serious health problems hence it is a necessity to keep your property safe and clean by removing all pests.

Your Local Pest Controller

Help is just a phone call away – give us a call and have a chat with our friendly team today. For great rates on pest control, West Lakes termite control, cockroach control and any other pest issues, our team is available on 08 8386 1507 to discuss your needs and give helpful advice and a no-obligation quote.

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