Possum Removal

Possums can cause enormous amounts of property damage and leave behind infected waste in their tracks. At Southern Suburbs Pest Control, we can stop this unnecessary destruction by removing possums precisely and painlessly from your home or business.

Why Deal with Possum Control?

Possums may look cute and delightful, but they can cause immense amounts of home damage and leave infected waste.

  • Possums like to get into garbage, exploring for food material and scraps.
  • Possums mostly live in hollow trees, but they frequently nest in home roof spaces in active suburbs, leaving urine stains and droppings and thus damaging surroundings.
  • If a possum gets set up with food and a proper shelter, they bring along their family and friends, which may result in higher levels of destruction.

Why are we Possum Removal Experts?

We have extensive possum removal experience, and we are confident that we can maintain your home or office against pest’s.

  • Our team is thoroughly trained and equipped with all the tools, protective gear, work knowledge, and proficiency to safely and swiftly re home possums with minimum disruption.
  • We are skilled at our jobs and also follow requirements, meaning we remove possums from your roof and release them at least 50 metres from where they are caught.
  • Our comprehensive service includes seeking entry points placing an approved cage into the roof void and performing frequent checks until the possum is caught. This will then be released as per requirements.
  • Our technicians can inform of the best prevention advice for managing possums in garden areas.

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