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Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections will be carried out in accordance to AS 4349.3, technicians liaise with the purchaser and real estate agent to arrange a prompt inspection before your cooling off period ends.

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect areas accessible to the interior and exterior to ensure that no termite activity is detected at the time of the inspection. Not only do we report on termites (white ants), we also report on borer activity, fungal decay, moisture to the building, ventilation as all of these could also lead to future termite attack.

Upon completion of the Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection a detailed report will be issued by email along with a hard copy in the post.

Future Visual Termite Inspections are essential to maintain the susceptibility of your home. Twelve monthly inspections are recommended at a minimum, however if one of our technicians assesses your home at being high/very high risk, three to six monthly inspections may be essential.

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