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Silverfish are known as small, wingless insects and appear as a silvery light grey/blue colour combined with a fish like appearance of its movements.

New hatched silverfish are whitish in colour but develop into the greyish hue & metallic shine as they mature. They have three long cerci’s at their tips of the abdomens, one at the end of their body, one facing left & one facing right. Silverfish have a long antennae and move in a wiggling motion which resembles movement of a fish. Silverfish typically live for two to eight years.

Silverfish are commonly found in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia & Australia. They inhabit moist area, requiring humidity.  

Silverfish can consume matter that contains polysaccharides, such as starches & dextrin. These can include glue, book bindings, plaster, some paints, paper, photo’s, sugar, coffee, hair, carpet & clothing. Other substances that may be eaten include cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibres & even dead insects. 

Silverfish are considered a household pest due to their consumption & destruction of property. Although they are also responsible for the contamination of food & other types of damage, they do not however transmit disease.

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