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Cleanliness and safety are the keys to a comfortable home. Unwanted pesky pests such as ants, cockroaches, bugs, spiders, rodents, termites, and other unexpected insects can be a nuisance and disrupt your peace of mind. That is why most homeowners and business owners go for frequent pest control treatment by professionals. However, if you are planning to get pest control done for the first time or have been contemplating the safety of this pest elimination procedure then keep reading.

We understand that nobody wants to expose their family, pets, and themselves to harmful chemicals. The most common questions we are asked as pest controllers Adelaide are about the safety of our methods and pest treatment chemicals. Understandably, homeowners want to know more about the security and safety of the chemicals we use in our work and if they can cause any harm or damage to their homes and family. It is indeed a very pertinent and important question you need reassurance about.

Make The Right Choice – Get Safe Pest Control Adelaide

As nobody wants to be harmed by toxic chemicals, it is crucial to steer away from pest control service providers that use dangerous chemicals when performing their pest control treatment. Southern Suburbs Pest Control is a family-owned business that is a trusted choice of numerous happy and satisfied customers across the Adelaide area. As an award-winning pest control service, we can not only eliminate pests from your property but do it with safety in mind. We use the latest technology and high-end products to perform safe pest control that works on pests and keeps your fur babies and family safe.

Do’s and don’ts of safe pest control

It’s possible to have safe pest control and to get respite from pests on your property. Here are some handy tips on how that can be achieved:

Do try prevention first: As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure” and timely pest management prevents bugs and insects from becoming a problem. Preventing pests is much easier, and less expensive, than exterminating them. As a trusted pest control Adelaide business, we highly recommend homeowners should include year-round pest control as part of their regular home maintenance to ensure a safe, comfortable home.

  • Food crumbs attract pests – dirty dishes, food scraps, crumbs, and leftover food can be an invitation to pests so keep your kitchen clean to enjoy a pest-free home.
  • Standing water in your home is exactly what pests need to find a comfortable place to live and grow. Try to keep the kitchen and bathroom area as dry as possible and for any leaking pipes and hot water tanks get them fixed as soon as possible to avoid puddles of water.
  • Letting your kitchen waste sit around for too long invites pests so make it a point to take it out as it’s needed.
  • Most pests can hide in cabinets, behind kitchen appliances, utensils or stored food items. It is important to keep your cabinets clean and tidy to keep pest problems at bay.
  • Get Help From Pest Control Adelaide Service: The foolproof way to keep your home pest-free is to hire a local pest control service.

Do not store leftover pesticides or their containers: It is highly recommended to read the label and dispose of the leftover pesticide correctly. If you’re storing any pesticide, make sure to firmly seal it in its original container and keep it out of reach of children. Never mix pesticides, as this could cause a harmful chemical reaction and be very dangerous to health.

Don’t use outdoor chemicals inside: For indoor pest protection always use the indoor pesticide and do not use outdoor chemicals.

Why Do You Need Southern Suburbs Pest Control?

We have been freeing Adelaide homes and businesses of pests for decades and have the knowledge to help you get rid of pests from your property with customised treatment plans. We proudly serve the Adelaide metro area with comprehensive, affordable pest control Adelaide services covering all types of pest species. All homeowners and businesses that we work with the trust our services and rely on our qualified and experienced pest control technicians. We get to the root of pest problems and put in place a pest management plan to keep the pests away from your property for good.

With Southern Suburbs Pest Control, you can rest assured knowing that a tailored pest control treatment is being executed to best suit your premises and budget. We offer targeted pest eradication, pest control packages, pest control management, and repeat services to our commercial and residential clients. Take advantage of our exceptional service and decades of industry experience for the best pest management results.

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